About Dr Shaunna’s Meal Cure

Meal Cure is an answer to one of my most frequently asked questions and a solution to the most common pitfall people have had over the years. The people I connect with truly want to be healthy for themselves and to be a great role model for their families but they find that easier said than done. They are extremely busy going in a million directions caring for family, business and life’s many curveballs and they often find themselves resorting to last minute meals on the run, drive-thrus, take out or the same old meals that leave them unsatisfied and no closer to their health, wellness and longevity goals.
Everyday millions of people (mainly women) late in the afternoon and often after a long, exhausting work day at home or at the office are plagued with that dreaded question – “What’s for dinner?” What do they have in the house that they can throw together fast? Feeling guilty that they wish it was healthier, they promise that tomorrow will be better but decades later and it is still one of the most annoying questions of our day – and the truth is – the answer does matter. There is so much conflicting and changing information out there as to what is healthy, that people can get overwhelmed and not know where to start. They just want to eat healthy and not need a MD or degree in food science to make a healthy dinner. They certainly don’t want to shop for complicated ingredients nor do they have the time to spend hours in the kitchen. But what you eat, does matter. Every one of our 100 trillion cells is made up of the building blocks that we feed it through the food we eat. So what’s the solution?
Years ago as I delved into the fascinating (for me) world of super foods and clean eating and the accompanying medical and nutritional studies that have scientifically proven the amazing benefits of certain foods, I set out to revolutionize the way I made dinner. But back then I too was crazy busy as a full time medical doctor and mom of 4 young boys who were in several activities and so I demanded that my meals were fast, easy (I’m no chef), and delicious (my family had to enjoy it too). That eventually gave rise to my book Doctor Up The Recipe which is a great guide with valuable templates. As I incorporated superfoods into my diet and transformed my own health,  I realized there was a hunger for this information amongst my friends and colleagues but they were often limited in time, access and interest to translate these studies into their own delicious, nutritious superfood meals.
I also noticed that amongst the people that I coached, some people had greater and easier results than others and it often comes down to that third dinner meal. Breakfast is often the same and people are well motivated early in the day and lunch is often leftovers or it is easy to grab a salad or soup but dinner after a long day and for the entire family is where they trip up. Plus, this is that one opportunity to bring family together back to the table which is a tremendously nourishing healthy habit that is becoming more and more scarce as people go off in their own little corners on their devices. A healthy family dinner can really bring the family together. And it’s the little details that make a world of difference. Choosing low glycemic foods instead of high. Choosing whole grains and overall limiting starchy carbs in that evening meal. Eliminating artificial ingredients and going au natural. Always incorporating a high quality protein. Loading up on nutrient dense super foods, vegetables and spices …  and doing this consistently night after night with ease. This is where the magic happens!

People have over the years witnessed my transformation and have asked me to just tell them exactly what I eat and so here it is ….

IMAGINE Having someone else do all of the planning, research and organization for you!


Always knowing what’s for dinner?
Having dinner ready in under 30 minutes!
Feeling confident and proud knowing that your dinner is healthy and nourishing for the whole family
Having meals that keep you on track with your health goals and also coordinates well with healthy weight loss and maintenance plans
Having all of your ingredients you need on hand
Grocery shopping in record time with ease with a ‘done for you’ organized list of less than 30 key ingredients
Discovering that nutritious does not have to mean boring, time consuming or complicated
Saving time and money by being prepared and eliminating waste and last minute trips to the stores and take out.