What is Meal Cure?   Here’s how it works!

Meal Cure is an answer to one of my most frequently asked questions and a solution to the most common pitfall people have had over the years. The people I connect with truly want to be healthy for themselves and to be a great role model for their families but they find that easier said than done. They are extremely busy going in a million directions caring for family, business and life’s many curveballs and they often find themselves resorting to last minute meals on the run, drive-thrus, take out or the same old meals that leave them unsatisfied and no closer to their health, wellness and longevity goals. This is why I created Meal Cure.

IMAGINE Having someone else do all of the planning, research and organization for you!


Always knowing what’s for dinner?
Having dinner ready in under 30 minutes!
Feeling confident and proud knowing that your dinner is healthy and nourishing for the whole family
Having meals that keep you on track with your health goals and also coordinates well with healthy weight loss and maintenance plans
Having all of your ingredients you need on hand
Grocery shopping in record time with ease with a ‘done for you’ organized list of less than 30 key ingredients
Discovering that nutritious does not have to mean boring, time consuming or complicated
Saving time and money by being prepared and eliminating waste and last minute trips to the stores and take out.

Join Meal Cure today and make eating healthy – done like dinner!

How it works

1- Every Thursday the following week’s 5 superfood meals, recipes and the accompanying organized shopping list* will be posted for you so that you can either print or shop and prep straight from our site.

2- Every week we will also feature a Superfood Spotlight where you will learn why a particular featured superfood of the week is so super.

So all you do is :

1 Shop

30 INGREDIENTS – quick and easy.

– Shop only for what you need.
– Save time, money, stress and less waste.


30 MINUTES – quick and easy

– Most meals should take less than 30 min to prepare


Super healthy home-cooked meals!

*Shopping from a done for you list saves time and money and stress. Not crazy about one of the meals or you have other dinner plans in place on a particular week? No problem. The grocery list has a margin with the numbered meal in place so you know which ingredients are required for which meals so you can easily omit any ingredients for a meal that you would not be using.

JOIN MEAL CURE Now and help the world become healthier and happier – One meal at a time.

What Our Members Are Saying!

“I just want to thank Meal Cure for this incredible service. I just finished watching my first Superfood Spotlight: Pumpkin and I am amazed how much information about this awesome food I didn’t know. I feel FANTASTIC making the choice to include it in my diet more frequently! Knowledge is power and Food is Fuel!”

Trisha-Lee Meisner

“I am so grateful for my MealCure membership! Dinner time is FUN and DELICOUS!”

Joellen Orlando Abel

Supper had been a stressor in our household for months! Having all the legwork done for me, from the menu right down to the grocery list is HUGE. Knowing that what i’m putting on the table is a healthy meal for the entire family brings peace of mind…literally…I feel like I can get my sanity back. Thank you Dr. Shaunna!”

Nicola R.

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DrShaunna.com and The Meal Cure meal planning service are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and we make no claims as such and nothing that is on this site should be misconstrued as such. Although our meal plans are healthy and loaded with superfoods, everyone has different dietary needs and potential allergies and intolerances. Medical conditions also may have a significant impact on your particular dietary requirements.  Meal Cure meal planning service is not a substitute for competent medical or nutritional advice specific to your situation. One should always consult with their own health care provider as to what is right for them specifically. For personalized health related questions, please contact your own health care provider.


A: Please email support@mealcure.com


A: If you wish to cancel you must stop any recurring payments via your PayPal dashboard before your next payment date. PayPal issues a cancel confirmation. To cancel your subscription or recurring payment simply

1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click Profile icon next to “Log Out” near top of page
3. Click Manage Payments under “Payment settings”.
4. Click the merchant name – Dr Shaunna or Meal Cure
5. Click Cancel Automatic Billing at top of the page.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, please email support@mealcure.com

Please note we are sorry to see you leave and would welcome your feedback so please feel free to email us as to how we can improve our service. Please also note that if you wish to renew later – this may require a new email address in the system to allow access.

Our intention is to price this as extremely cost effective so that it is time saving and money saving for you. At less than $2.50/ week, you will quickly notice the wisdom of your investment when you are able to enjoy a homemade
meal with your family rather than eating out and have less produce going to waste because you never got around to it. This savings will more than have paid for your subscription. I spend many hours each week to deliver this content – so that I can pass the time and cost savings on to you. Please let us know if we can serve you better and hopefully as our team grows we can implement these ideas.


A: Each dinner menu is meant to serve four. However, these also serve easily our family of 6 teens/adults. Simply adding a green salad or an extra chicken breast for example makes this easily adaptable. Likewise if you require only 1 or 2 servings – you can choose to enjoy leftovers for lunch or additional dinners beyond the 5 meals or simply make half recipes.


A: While organization is great, we often don’t follow well too strict of a plan so having a couple of days a week that are flexible allow for those inevitable dinners out or special events, so you can eat the 5 planned meals without waste. Plus people who are following my nutrition cleansing program will sometimes do 1 or 2 cleanse days/ week and this fits perfectly with that. If you want to know more about that program book a time with me at www.drshaunna.com


A: That really depends on what else you are eating throughout the day and how this compares to what you have been eating. Certainly this can be part of a healthy weight loss or weight maintenance program. Most people will find that their weight normalizes and they will have improved energy and mood. If healthy weight loss is a goal, contact me and check out www.drshaunna.com as I have helped thousands of people to successful weight loss and it would be my pleasure to guide you there. Sustainable healthy weight loss often requires mindset shifts, ways to adapt to stress and improve sleep and removing inevitable toxins and impurities. Let’s chat.


A: I believe when it comes to nutrition there is more than one right answer. I believe it is important to have protein, carbohydrate and fat in the right quantity and quality – and everyone is going to have a different opinion on what is right for them and this can vary throughout different stages of our life. However, there are certain basic principles that fit with the vast majority of scientifically proven “healthy” diets including a focus on more of a plant based diet, clean eating, no artificial ingredients. In addition superfoods that are highlighted in our meal plans have proven benefits that go beyond just “food to eat” and so each meal will be loaded with superfoods and each week we will have an educational video about what makes that food so super. I like to crowd out unhealthy choices by loading you up with healthy superfoods that will curb your cravings for less healthy foods. I also want to make this easy and sustainable for you – for life – so all of the superfood ingredients that I use can be found in my and presumably your “regular “ grocery store. While there are excellent and sometimes expensive ingredients that you can find in specialty stores – that is not practical for many people yet. But by all means feel free to add your own favorite super ingredients. I encourage people to buy organic as much as practical. Each week currently features at least one vegetarian meal, at least one chicken meal, one “1 pot” meal, one fish dish and one wild card. The meal plan is similar to the scientifically proven MIND diet.


A. The MIND diet stands for Mediterranean Diet – DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay. The MIND approach “specifically includes foods and nutrients www.mealcure.com that medical literature and data show to be good for the brain, such as berries,” says Martha Clare Morris, ScD, director of nutrition and nutritional epidemiology at Rush University Medical Center. This has been shown to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s by 54% and was the most researched meal plan this year.
1. Green leafy vegetables (like spinach and salad greens): At least six servings a week
2. Other vegetables: At least one a day
3. Nuts: Five servings a week
4. Berries: Two or more servings a week
5. Beans: At least three servings a week
6. Whole Grains: Three or more servings a day
7. Fish: Once a week
8. Poultry: Two times a week
9. Olive Oil: Use daily
10. Wine: One glass a day …… Just seeing if you are reading 😉 But this is actually on the list.
Optional though.

At Meal Cure, we cover your 5 main dinner meals a week and it is fairly easy within your other meals to follow this or other food philosophies that you ascribe too.


A. We welcome and encourage you to make substitutions that work best for you. Obviously don’t eat food you are allergic to and feel free to delete and swap ingredients. The value of the organized shopping list is that in the left margin of each food item is listed the # of the meal that it is in – so you can either delete or swap just that ingredient or if you want to skip that meal – you can easily find and omit all of the ingredients for that #meal. In addition you have access to the prior 2 weeks worth of meals and can swap one of those meals in too.


A. All of the meals are certainly gluten friendly and are set up to be gluten freebut I am leaving some of that up to you. I can put a gluten free item on the menu but for some of you without gluten sensitivities – it may be more cost effective and practical for you to have the gluten – but healthy – version of whole grains for example instead. Eating whole grains instead of high glycemic refined or enriched grains is really critical for everyone’s health. A high glycemic diet definitely has proven disastrous to people’s health in every way – cancer, heart disease, stroke, obesity … in every way. So whole grains if you choose grains are non-negotiable. So if I have a gluten free linguine on the menu – you can choose whole grains or gluten free. I will list gluten free tamari for example but people could choose a low sodium soy sauce if they prefer.


A. There is at least one and sometimes two vegetarian meals per week. Meal #1 is always vegetarian each week. Other meals can often easily be adapted by swapping out the meat with something else that you prefer. Our intention is that as Meal Cure expands and if there is an interest in such to have as the very next step – a complete vegetarian line.


A: We recommend extra virgin olive oil for all of the non cooking and low temperature uses because of its amazing healthy properties. However, it’s smoke point is lower than some other oils and so if you go beyond the smoke point of an oil that can give off dangerous free radicals that can promote the inflammation and ill health that we are trying to avoid. For this reason, if we are cooking at a higher temperature where there may be a risk of this I recommend avocado or coconut oils. We will teach more on this in the group.


A: No special equipment is required but you will find it easier if you have a garlic press and parchment paper and usual set of cooking pots and pans. Either a blender or food processor also will be beneficial.


A: Once your subscription is over there is no longer access to the member’s area or past meal plans. It is each member’s responsibility to save or print their meal plans. Each week is posted and visible for a total of 3 weeks and everyone has access to a bonus 2 weeks prior to when they start. So everyone has 3 weeks to save a particular week. Miss a week? No problem, fresh content is being delivered weekly to help you eat with the seasons too.


The weekly email is bonus content. Your meal plans can be found by logging in to Meal Cure members area and they are posted to the site every Thursday by noon PST regardless of whether an email has been received. Please whitelist Dr Shaunna and Meal Cure in your email settings and check your junk folders. If you feel something is not being sent that should be, please contact support@mealcure.com but this should not inhibit your ability to access the plans. We are excited for you to get started. Enjoy!